Thistle Creek Ranch, LLC was founded in February of 2007. We came up with the dream as we traveled to the Northwest Trail Championships in Eugene, Oregon. We are providing the state of Idaho with the opportunity to have as much fun as we did in Oregon. We produce the Idaho Mountain Trail Challenge twice each year, in the spring and in the late summer.

We held our first spring challenge in May of 2007. We had a great turnout with 40+ participants. the participants traveled from Oregon, Idaho, and Germany! What a great weekend!

What is a Mountain Trail Challenge?

Our trail horse challenge is about what you and your horse can accomplish. The trail challenge is suitable for the beginning rider, avid trail rider, experienced horseman, or show people.

Our atmosphere is constructive, fun, and challenging while building a fellowship with other riders. Thistle Creek Ranch in Wilder, Idaho has beautiful views of the Owyhee Mountains away from the hustle-bustle noises of town.

Check out the article on Stacie Harvey and the Idaho Mountain Trail Challenge in the Idaho Women’s Journal!

Horsemen of all levels are invited to join us for a wonderful weekend riding on our course and competing against other riders. We have two days of classes Friday evening we will have a catered campfire dinner that is priced right for you and your family! This is a great opportunity to share your experiences and challenges of the day…and make plans for improvement on Saturday.

The trail course is designed with natural obstacles that duplicate what you may encounter on a real trail ride. The course is designed to be a “challenge.” Horse and rider are given three tries at each obstacle before being asked by the judge to proceed. The safety of all (you, horses, observers, judges) is always the priority.


The prizes awarded at the Idaho Mountain Trail Challenge are usable items. Along with ribbons, we have awarded embroidered camp chairs, horn bags, cantle bags, and other useful items.