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Funny thing about summer. It has never been my favorite season. I have always loved the excitement of spring, the sexiness of Fall and sweater weather, and the  serenity and stunning stillness of winter. Summers have somehow always felt  forced – the need to do something of importance that can be referenced and bragged about for the rest of the year. But something about moving to Montana has changed all that.  

For one thing, I don’t take our topaz skies for granted. Western wildfires that choked off the sun and obscured my beloved Crazy Mountains these past few months have made me re-appreciate the gift of living an outdoor life. And I no longer feel any pressure to fit in a trip to the ocean or someone’s vacation house when I have national parks and thousands of acres of ranch land surrounding me. Home is as good a place to vacation at this stage in my life than anywhere. Perhaps this is a silver lining of COVID – that just being is good enough. And being in nature, in the moment, and soaking it all in, is the best gift of all.  

So for my summer vacation of 2021 I packed into the Wyoming wilderness  that kisses Yellowstone National Park with three strong women friends who are also accomplished horsewomen. We crave the outdoors, laughter, conversations  around a campfire and passing a bottle of bourbon at day’s end. This is our second year and we have already made plans for our third. So, as fresh snow has now made the mountain tops dance in the morning light, I look back at summer and friendships and great horses and say thank you. I almost wish I were back in school and could write that report about “What I did on my summer vacation.”